AMF World History


 The first Futsal World Cup was played in Brazil in 1982 in the City of São Paulo, Brazil between May 30 and June 6. All matches were played at the Ibirapuera Gymnasium. The contest was won by Brazil, after winning the final 1-0 against Paraguay on June 6 in San Pablo. On their way to the consecration the Brazilian have beaten Colombia 4-1 ( semifinals ), Argentina 5-0, Costa Rica 14-0, Czechoslovakia 4-1 and Uruguay 5-1 ( all in group stage ). Vice champion was Paraguay, while Uruguay took the third place after beating Colombia 2-1.


Brazil won his second title in the second edition of the World Cup 1985 which was played in Spain between October 17 and October 27. The Brazilians defeated in the final 3-1 the local team on October 27 at the Palacio de los Deportes in Madrid. 2-0 victory over Uruguay and 1-0 against Paraguay ( semifinal group) and wins by Argentina 11-0 16-1 15-1 Holland and Japan  group stage). The third place went to Paraguay that beat Argentina by 10-3 .

Paraguay won it’s first World Cup in the third edition of the tournament held in Melbourne, Australia in 1988 , played from 20 to 30 October. The “Albirroja” won in the final against Brazil 2-1 (two goals of Miguel Angel Martinez). They had unforgettable victories against Spain 4-2 ( semifinals ), 8- 3 England, 11-1, Canada and 2-1 Portugal (group stage).The third place went to Spain after beating Portugal 5-1.


Italy organized the fourth edition of the World Futsal Championship in 1991 and remained in Europe as Portugal won the championship, beating Paraguay in penalties by 3-2 (1-1 draw in normal time). Brazil finished in the third place while Bolivia was fourth in a competition in which 22 teams participated.


 Argentina hosted the fifth World Cup and the tournament trophy returned to South America after 12 years. The tournament was held in November 1994 in the towns of Rio Gallegos, Ituzaingó, Formosa, Posadas, Apostles, Rio Grande and Comodoro. The locals came prepared both in the stands and on the court andwon a great tournament after winning the decisive match against Colombia 2-1 in extra time. To get their they eliminated their rivals Uruguay 3-2 (semifinal), Bolivia 2-0 (quarterfinals), Uruguay 2-0, Czech Republic 2-0 and Portugal 1-0 (group stage). Third was the Uruguayan selection who beat Brazil 1-0.


The competition was installed in North America and Mexico hosted the sixth edition during the months of November and December 1997 in the cities of Monterrey , Guadalajara and Mexico City.Venezuela caused a stir , to win the title of champion with goals in the final against Uruguay 4-0 with annotations of David Pinto 3 and Asdrubal ColmenaresThe Vinotinto road was full of high emotions as he left dispatched favorite teams like Brazil 3-1 ( semifinals ) , Argentina 4-1 ( quarterfinals ) , Portugal 7-0, 4-2 Czech Republic and United States 25-0 . Only he lost to Belarus 3-2 , the last opening round .The Asdrubal ” The Train ” Colmenares , David ” The Gazelle” Pinto Venezuelans were the scorers of the tournament with 10 goals while Joseín Rodriguez was elected as the MVP .


Seventh World Cup was held in Bolivia , from 15 to 28 November 2000 in the cities of Santa Cruz , Oruro , Cochabamba , Sucre and La Paz.The selected broke the myth of Colombia to obtain the title of champion in the altitude of La Paz on penalties ( 3-1) to local , after drawing 3-3 in regular time.The coffee , formidable work , sealed his momentum with victories over Argentina 7-1 ( semifinals ), Brazil 5-1 ( quarterfinals ) , Argentina 3-2 Uruguay 4-1 ( second phase ), Slovakia 5-1 and Costa Rica 10-1 just before falling Bolivia 2-3 in the opening round .Third place was held by Argentina triumphed 6-5 on penalties to Russia after tie the game 6-6.The coffee Jhon Pinilla with 19 goals was top scorer of the Cup.This was the last tournament organized by the International Federation of Football Hall ( FIFUSA ) .


In difficult times , and the dissolution of the International Federation of Football Hall ( FIFUSA ) , the brand-new World Futsal Association ( AMF ) commissioned Paraguay organize the eighth edition of the ecumenical event. The Guarani organized a successful sporting event in cities such as Asunción, Pedro Juan Caballero, Minga Guazú , Concepcion , and Encarnacion from 22 to 28 November 2003 The albirroja won its second intercontinental Lauro, after winning the last date of the final round to Colombia 5-4 ( goals from Alberto Benitez 2 Robson Fernández 2 and César Riveros ) Way to the title , the Paraguayans harvested memorable victories against Peru 4-3 Bolivia 5-1 ( finals ) , Spain 5-3 ( second phase ) , Peru 8-2 Belgium 4-1 and Australia 4-0 ( initial round ) . Third was selected from Bolivia while Peru occupied the fourth place after a 4-3 victory in the first date.


The province of Mendoza, Argentina , was elected for the ninth World Cup in the towns of Maipú , Las Heras , Lujan de Cuyo , Junín and Godoy Cruz. It was held from 31 August to 9 September 2007 with the participation of 16 teams . Paraguay celebrated among vineyards, after winning dramatic definition to Argentina by 1-0 ( goal by Ruben Nunez ) in a packed stadium Los Andes Talleres . La Albirroja salonístico lived moments of high level as well as tough fight to reach the final , leaving the way : Peru 4-2 ( semifinals ) , Belgium 4-1 ( quarterfinals ), Chile 18-1, Ecuador Catalonia 17-6 and 6-1, undefeated crowned . Third place was held by Colombia who beat Peru 6-4 .


Colombia hosted and won brilliantly the X World that was disputed between 16 and 26 March, in the cities of Bucaramanga , Villavicencio, Bello and Bogotá.The coffee crowned with success flawless organization obtaining the championship title after thrashing to Paraguay in the final by 8-2 ( goals from John Pinilla 4 Wiliam Estupiñan 2 and Jorge Cuervo 2. discounted Hugo Delgado and Jose Santander ) . Before local had defeated Argentina 3-2 ( semifinals ) , Venezuela 4-2 ( quarterfinals ) , Ecuador 14-0, 11-0 and New Zealand Belarus 8-0 ( Group stage ) .Meanwhile Argentina beat Russia by 8-4 and kept the third place of the contest.


Belarus hosted the XI World Senior Championships , which marked the return of Europe to host the showpiece event after 24 years , from 17 to 25 April 2015 in the cities of Minsk , Brest and Pinsk .Colombia retain his status as best team in the world , after winning with authority to Paraguay by 4-0 ( goals from Jose Cuervo, Diego Abril, Alejandro Dimas and Camilo Gomez ) in commitment played at the Minsk Arena Path to the title, the cast coffee beat Belgium 6-0 ( semifinals ) 5-3 Russia ( quarterfinals ) , Venezuela 5-0 4-1 10-1 Czech Republic and Curacao ( opening round ) .Argentina for its part , could not Albirroja in the semifinals ( 1-2 defeat ) exceeded in the match for third place to Belgium 7-1 .The Paraguayan Dario Herrera was the top scorer of the competition with 10 goals.