Congratulations to Braza Futsal who are Superliga de Futsal 2018/2019 CHAMPIONS!

A big thank you to all the players, referees, volunteers, family and friends for supporting Series One. Your valued support is very much appreciated.

A very big thank you to our sponsors, SSS Transcription Services, ClubMaster Media, Tribal Sport and KFC for helping us make this a successful series.

We look forward to seeing you all at Series Two.

2nd place – Callidon United

3rd place – Orpia Athletic

Coming into the final round, Callidon United and Orpia Athletic were fighting for 2nd place with 16 points each.

It was close towards the end of the game, but Orpia narrowly being beaten by Kincaro by 2 goals and Callidon’s win over Braza, meant Callidon secured 2nd place and Orpia winning 3rd.


Congratulations to Dane Stokes (Kincaro Knights) – MVP recipient on 23 Ranking Points 2018/2019 Superliga de Futsal Series One.


Congratulations to William Espinosa Leon (Orpia Athletic) – Golden Glove recipient 2018/2019 Superliga de Futsal Series One.


Congratulations to Luis Fernando from Braza Futsal with 16 Goals – Golden Boot recipient 2018/2019 Superliga de Futsal Series One.

On 14 points each, joint second was Adam Stacey (Kincaro Knights) and Fabio Barbosa (Braza Futsal).


Congratulations to the ALL STARS recipients 2018/2019 Superliga de Futsal Series One.

GK – William Espinosa Leon (Orpia Athletic)

1st – Dane Stokes (Kincaro Knights)

2nd – Andre Pereira (Braza Futsal)

3rd – Adam Stacey (Kincaro Knights)

4th – Luis Fernando (Braza Futsal)

Superliga De Futsal

The Superliga de Futsal is a new Futsal league, designed and created by The Futsal Group to raise the level of professionalism within the sport of Futsal. Series One, the inaugural Superliga de Futsal league, has been hosted at the Logan Metro Sports and Events Centre in Brisbane, Australia, running from November 2018 until March 2019.

Series One witnessed a number of quality teams competing at an extremely high level of competition. The Superliga de Futsal provides livestream coverage of matches with commentary, along with match analyses, periodic reviews, referee and team meetings, and full social media profiling.

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What you need to know

It is the responsibility of every players, coach & Manager who participates in the Superliga de Futsal BRISBANE season to familiarise themselves and follow all the rules set out in the following documents.

Please click on the download buttons below view the Superliga de Futsal BRISBANE Season By-Laws & Season Information.

If you have any questions, please contact our Tournament Manager at or phone 1300 008 490.


Prize money awarded will be determined by the number of teams entering and paying the nomination fee. If less than 8 teams nominate and pay then there will be no prize money, however trophies and medallions will still be awarded to first, second and third placed teams.

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