Are you keen to establish a Futsal Club in your area?

Futsal Holdings has been formed to partner with you to establish your futsal club in Australia.

We provide management expertise and support to assist you in all aspects of business and all things futsal. Clubs established with Futsal Holdings are usually formed as a joint venture between Futsal Holdings Trust and the local futsal entrepreneur(s). We encourage our local partners to operate the business with a high degree of autonomy, but with the benefit of a full suite of systems, processes and support to ensure financial and sporting success.

On the business side, we will assist with corporate structure, legal documentation, financial and accounting systems, banking and payment systems, website development and maintenance, database systems and management, club branding and identity, marketing systems and support, insurances and administration. We will mentor and support your business development to give you the best opportunity to build a highly successful futsal club.

On the futsal side, we will provide premium level accredited training (if required) in coaching, refereeing, playing, and club services. We will help you engage with your community at all levels, from junior to representative, male and female, and to design and implement quality and sustainable teams, competitions, and events. Most importantly, we will deliver pathways for your players and officials to high level representative competitions both nationally and internationally.

Futsal Holdings is a part of the group which has brought Calibre Futsal, Futkills, and the Aletti club to the Australian futsal community. Futsal Holdings is a recognised member of the Federation of Australian Futsal (FAF), and is Directed by Marty Calvert, National Head Coach of FAF and a member of the FAF Management Committee.

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