Orpia Brisbane - Corinda

Kincaro Brisbane - Springfield

Bessarna Brisbane - Crestmead

Callidon Brisbane - Murrumba Downs

Who are the Futsal Super Six?

The Futsal Super Six is a network of six Clubs owned and managed by Futsal Holdings, a division of The Futsal Group.

Unlike other sports club structures, The Futsal Super Six are designed to operate anywhere around the world. Initially established in Brisbane, The Futsal Super Six are now accepting memberships*, and establishing club competitions, throughout Australia. Each Club supports a designated territory, and runs its own weekly competition with players representing a Super Six team brand (although senior teams can name their own team if they prefer).

In addition, each Club will be selecting players to represent their Club in competitions against other Super Six Clubs in their city or region, and potentially in National and International Super Six tournaments.

Futsal Holdings is a member of the Federation of Australian Futsal (FAF), and is Directed by Marty Calvert, former Futsalroo, National Head Coach of FAF and a member of the FAF Management Committee.

*Membership is subject to approval by the Board of Futsal Holdings Pty Ltd.