The regulations that govern participation in the FAF National Interschool Futsal Championships are outlined in this document. All rules, contained herein are based on Federation of Australian Futsal laws of the game and the regulations may only be varied with the consent of Federation of Australian Futsal. All games will be played in accordance with the Federation of Australian Futsal rulebook, unless stated below.

Table of Contents

  1. Eligibility
  2. Tournament Draws – Draw Format
  3. Point Scoring
  4. Determining Group Positions and/or Placing
  5. Elimination, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals & Grand Finals
  6. Competition Rules, Regulations & Completion of Match Sheets
  7. Uniforms & Equipment
  8. Playing Times
  9. Match Balls
  10. Disciplinary Actions
  11. Appeals
  12. Abandoned Games
  13. Team Management & Responsibilities
  14. Codes of Conduct/Ethics
  15. Awards


  1. Eligibility
    • To be eligible to participate in FAF Interschool Tournaments all players must attend the same school and be the correct age group for the competition. To compete in the 16 year age group, a player cannot turn 17 in 2016 and so on. The player must turn the year of competition or lower in 2016.
    • Players can be nominated for only one team in a category, but can be nominated for another team in other age groups. NOTE HOWEVER: A PLAYER CANNOT PLAY FOR TWO TEAMS PLAYING AT THE SAME TIME. THEY CAN ONLY BE COMMITTED TO ONE COURT AT ONE TIME OR SLOT.
    • Only players whose names appear on the official nomination form, by Friday 29th September are eligible to play.
  1. Tournament Draws
    • Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 4 matches.
      • Where age categories do not have enough teams to constitute a competition, teams will be placed on stand-by until more teams nominate for that age category.
  1. Point Scoring
    • Win = 2 points
    • Draw = 1 point
    • Loss = 0 points
    • Forfeit = 2 points for winning team plus average of goals against the forfeiting team will be awarded as goals for.
    • If a team forfeits any matches throughout the tournament, they may be expelled from the Tournament, and a report will be passed onto the Board of Directors regarding any further tournaments that team wishes to enter.
  1. Determining Group Positions and/or Placing
    • At the completion of the Round Robin phase of the tournament, the team with the highest points gained will be placed first. The team with the next highest points will be placed second, etc.
    • Should two (2) or more teams be equal on points then the team with the best goal average (for and against) will be placed first.
    • Should teams still be equal, the team with the highest goals for will be placed first.
    • Should teams still be equal, the winner of the game between the two teams, will be placed first. If this game has not occurred or was a drawn game, then a penalty shootout between the two teams will commence, with the winner of the penalty shootout going through to the next stage.
  1. Elimination, Quarter Finals, Semi Final & Grand Final
    • Should the teams be drawn at the completion of ordinary time in a quarter final, semi final or Grand Final, a 2 by five (5) minute periods of extra time will apply, with the team that finishes with a greater number of goals at the end of this extra time being declared the winner.
    • If at completion of extra time the teams are still drawn then a penalty-shoot out shall be used to determine the winner. Such penalty shoot out will be conducted under the rules laid down in the FAF Futsal rulebook.
  1. Competition Rules, Regulations & Completion of Match Sheets
    • Physical Match sheets will not be needed to be completed, however Team Managers MUST do a final check of player names and numbers prior to the beginning of the tournament on the morning of Friday 20th
    • All players must be listed on the Official Tournament nomination form prior to Friday 29th September 2017.
    • All games must start with a minimum of 4 players per team on the court.
    • Only the names of players present on the day and who have been officially nominated to participate in the tournament for their respective school should be included on match sheets.
    • Players not entered on the match sheets at the time the games commence, will be deemed ineligible to participate in that game.
    • The name of any suspended player will appear on the match sheet of the game that the player is suspended. The word “Suspended” will appear beside the player’s name.
    • If a team is found guilty of playing an ineligible player, that team will be deducted all points in which the ineligible player has played in. And will not be allowed to play with the team at any stage of the tournament.
    • Players are only permitted to nominate and play in one team only as detailed in the eligibility guidelines.
    • Any player found guilty of breaching the eligibility guidelines will be expelled from the tournament.
    • At the completion of each game the officials from both teams must sign the match sheet to confirm the final result.
  1. Uniforms & Equipment
    • SHIN PADS ARE COMPULSORY with long socks covering the shin pads. Players without shin pads will not be allowed to take the court!!
    • Players must be in the same coloured shirts to the rest of their team. If teams clash in colour, then bibs will be available to be worn by the team that is listed on the game score sheet as the “away team”.
    • Teams must distinguish their goal keeper from the rest of their players with a different coloured shirt or bib. If substituting the goal keeper during the game, the new goal keeper must be wearing the different coloured shirt or bib.
    • All teams must have numbered shirts so that selectors and referees can distinguish the players. All players must keep the same number throughout the tournament.
    • Goalkeepers may also wear: knee and/or elbow pads, and goal keeping gloves.
    • A player must not use equipment or wear anything, which is dangerous to himself or herself or another player, including any kind of jewellery.
    • The referee’s decision to exclude players using or wearing dangerous equipment is final, however common sense should prevail.
  1. Playing times
    • All games will be between 15 and 18 minutes each way run of the clock, with 1 minute half time break. (unless otherwise specified).
    • The timer will not stop for injuries unless where it is accepted that the injury requires treatment before leaving the court. In this event, the referee will stop the clock until that player has left the court or been substituted.
    • There will be no time outs allowed.
  1. Match Balls
    • FAF will provide official Match balls for all games.
    • 15yr and under will use a size 3 Official FAF Futsal Ball.
    • 16yr and over will use a size 4 Official FAF Futsal Ball.
  1. Disciplinary Actions
    • Where a player/Official accumulate disciplinary cards the following shall apply.
      • Three (3) Yellow Cards (accumulated) = automatic suspension of one (1) match, (this will be cleared at the start of Quarter or Semi Finals).
      • One (1) Blue Card = suspension for the remainder of that game with no further suspension unless stated in a referee’s report.
      • One (1) Red Card = suspension for the remainder of that game with of a mandatory suspension of the next game, and possible further suspension and must appear before the judiciary depending on the referee’s report. Red Cards will carry into Quarter/Semi or Grand Finals.
    • Where a player has been dismissed with a Blue or Red card, and the expulsion warrants reporting by the referee then the player will be required to report to the chairperson of the judiciary Committee.
    • Once expelled (Blue or Red carded) the player or official concerned MAY NOT re-enter the game in progress nor may he/she remain in the court area as deemed by the tournament coordinator. The player however can be replaced by another player.
    • A suspended player or official may not enter the court area as deemed by the tournament coordinator until the suspension has been executed.
    • Any person/persons involved in fighting either on or off the court, regardless of whether he/she instigated the fight or retaliated, must front the administrator/manager so show cause why they should not be expelled from the centre/tournament. The court administrator/manager has the right to deal with such people.
    • Any person who is found guilty of causing damage to the court, its facilities or car park area will be thrown out of the tournament and reported to the Owner and or the Police. All costs will be forwarded to the person or persons found guilty of causing the damage.
    • The court administrator/manager has the right to deal with such people.
  1. Appeals
    • No appeals will be entered into from a decision of a referee or matters relating to the conduct of the tournament except where it can be demonstrated that a decision by the organizing committee is in error. All appeals must be lodged in writing, complete with the appeal fee of $100.
    • Should the appeal be upheld the appeal fee will be refunded in full – if lost the fee is non-refundable. A time period of 30 minutes to lodge an appeal is in operation. The 30minute time period will start at the completion of the game in question.
  1. Abandoned Games
    • Should the referee have cause to abandon a match, subject to the referees report, neither team will receive match points except:
    • If a match is abandoned because a team is unable to field sufficient players to remain on the court (as per the rules) then the team remaining on the court shall receive the winning points and any goals scored up to the point of the abandonment – but no goals scored against. This will be the regulation even if the team awarded the match was the losing team at the point of abandonment.
    • If a match has to be halted due to safety concerns and can no longer continue, then the match will be played at a later time if possible, if this is not possible the team that was leading at the time of halting the game will be declared the winner with the goals for and against recorded as the official score.
  1. Team Management and Responsibilities
    • The coach and/or manager of each team is responsible for all matters relating to the team including the conduct of the team members and supporters, disciplinary maters, adherence to local regulations and appropriate use of the venue.
  1. Codes of Conduct/Ethics
    • Individual coaches and Managers are required to issue and enforce their respective codes of Conduct/Ethics. The conduct of all players, team officials, referees, tournament officials and spectators who participate in FAF National Interschool Futsal Tournaments is governed by Codes of Conduct/Ethics generally accepted as endorsing the values of fair play, respect and tolerance including but not limited to:
      • Co-operation with tournament, venue and game officials, or their delegates
      • Compliance with venue rules and guidelines
      • Behaving in a professional, responsible and courteous manner towards participants, team officials, referees, tournament officials and spectators
      • Adherence to the laws of the game
      • Participation in the spirit of the game
      • Refraining from the use of offensive, abusive or insulting language and/or gestures
      • Refraining from behaviour that is violent or offensive
      • Refraining from engaging behaviour that aims to harass or discriminate against another person on the grounds of race, sex, religion or for any other reason
      • Abstaining from the use, possession or promotion of any banned substance or drugs of dependence
    • Failure to comply with the Codes of Conduct as set out in this document may result in the offender/s being dismissed from the venue or suspended from play or officiating for a fixed period of time and/or indefinitely.
  1. Awards
    • The winning team in each category will receive a Champions trophy with individual medals. Runners Up will receive individual Medals. There is also a “Golden Boot” award for each category, and “Most Valuable Player” award for each category. Presentations will occur after the final game (unless otherwise stated).